What are the best headphones for sports?

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In-ear headphones are the best type for sport and exercise, as they’re lightweight and stay securely in your ears. You need to decide whether to go for wireless sports headphones that use Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone with no risk of tangled cables, or a pair with a traditional wire, where you don’t need to remember to charge them.

So-called ‘truly wireless’ headphones are becoming increasingly popular. These do not even have a wire between the two earbuds. However, in-ear headphones with a cord or secure headband are also very popular, and can offer better battery life than truly wireless pairs, although the gap is rapidly narrowing.

Sports headphones often have additional features to help keep them in place during exercise, such as in-ear models with a neckband or ear clips. Many new headphones also allow you to access your smartphone’s voice assistant (such as Google Assistant on Android or Siri on Apple devices) so you can issue commands, such as skipping tracks, using just your voice.

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